Pioneer Public Television to broadcast Brulé Holiday Concert with Worthington Symphony Orchestra

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Broadcast Sat. Nov. 26th, 6:30 pm and Sat. Dec 3rd, 8 pm


In 2015 Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra received an Art Project grant from us for this concert that is now being aired on Pioneer Public Television this Saturday at 6:30 pm and next Saturday at 8 pm!

*This activity was funded in part with a grant from the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council made possible by the voters of Minnesota thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.
The next deadline for Art Project grants will be March 15, 2017.


The concert was filmed Nov. 24th, 2015 at the Worthington Memorial Auditorium and will be broadcast Sat. Nov. 26th, 6:30PM and Sat. Dec 3rd, 8PM by Pioneer Public Television based in Appleton, MN.  The 90 min special broadcast is part of the Pioneer Public Television annual pledge drive fundraising campaign.  To watch the concert on various PBS Network channels, check the following links.–satellite-viewing.html

The Nov/Dec 2016 broadcasts will primarily include the South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin area. If you are outside of this viewing area and would like to see the program broadcast in your area, you can help us expand the number of PBS broadcast affiliates by contacting your local PBS affiliate or contacting our host affiliate (pioneer public television) at: Nicole Zempel at (320) 212-3945 or e-mail

Additional concert information:

The Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra and multi-award winning Native American performance group, “BRULÉ”, are proud to announce their collaboration for the Symphony’s “Holiday Concert” November 24, 2015” at the historic Memorial Auditorium Performing Arts Center.

“This is a very special collaboration for us” said Kathy (Frisch) Summers, manager for Brulé, Worthington is where both Paul Summers (LaRoche) & I grew up as well as our children for most of their years.  “Beth Habicht, WASO Music Librarian and 2nd Violinist, holds a special place in my heart as she was the orchestra teacher during my junior & senior high school years in orchestra in the 70s”.  Paul’s dream of performing with symphonies become a realty in 2008 when the Sioux City Symphony performed with BRULÉ and again in 2011.

Symphonic charts were created by Jeremy Hegg of Sioux Falls, SD based on Brulé’s award winning music.  With the artistry of the Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra, this is a must see concert for all.

The repertoire includes Silent Star Night, Shelter from the Storm, Creator’s Prayer, Listen to the Silence, Ancestor’s Cry, when warriors rest, Canon of Life, Orange Fire Rising, Silent Grace, Song of the Bells, Maka Canté, O Holy Night, Star People.  The performance called “Red Nativity” was commissioned by the Sioux City Symphony for Brulé.

Conductor Dr Christopher Stanichar celebrates his 6th year as the music director of the worthington Area Symphony Orchestra since it was founded in 2010.  Christopher is an active director, composer, and educator.  He is a popular conductor, having directed some of the finest orchestras in Europe, russia, Mexico, and the US.

The concert was an emotional reunion for Brulé and worthington Symphony Orchestra.  it marked a 60 year reunion with their hometown and 40 year reunion with the Worthington Symphony orchestra and director Beth Habicht

Paul and Kathy went on to have two children, Son Shane and Daughter Nicole.  After the loss of both of Paul Parents in 1987, Kathy discovered Paul’s adoption papers and began a secret search for Paul’s biological family.  The search culminated 5 years later when Paul was reunited with his biological family living on the Lower Brule Sioux Indian Reservation in central SD.  Neither had known the other had existed all this years.  The life changing discovery and reunion eventually led to the formation of the Native American music and dance group Brulé which included Paul Kathy, Shane, Nicole, and many other family members and friends.

The performance cast for the Worthington Holiday Concert included: Paul LaRoche, Nicole LaRoche, Shane Summers, Vlasis Pergakis, Rene Avila, Garan Coons, Chris Estes, Bruce Neconie, Hunter Reed, Lauren Reed, Michelle Reed, Theresa St. Syr, Avery Summers, Haley Summers, Jade Summers, Larry Yazzie.  Sound engineer Joe Adam, Backstage Manager Christal Moose, Brulé manager Kathy summers.

Please support your local PBS affiliate and groups like Brulé by watching the Pioneer public television broadcast of the holiday concert and making a pledge in any amount.

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