Grant review panelists needed for 2018-2019


Grant review panelists needed for 2018-2019

Are you interested in being a part of bringing about arts funding in our Southwest Minnesota communities?  If so, we’d love for you to consider being a grant review panelist for SMAC. For grant programs in fiscal year 2019 (July 2018 – June 2019), the SMAC Board of Directors seeks panels of artists, arts administrators, arts volunteers, and arts appreciators representing multiple artistic disciplines from throughout the SMAC geographic region. At the bottom of this page you will be able to reference the SMAC grant review panelist from this last year.

As a grant review panelist, you will:

  • Learn about the arts activities taking place in SW MN
  • Discuss art and its impact on individuals and communities in our region
  • Network with other regional artists and arts volunteers
  • Weigh in on SMAC’s grant application process
  • Receive free tickets to evaluate SMAC-funded arts activities.

Before meeting, panelists go online to read grant applications and do preliminary scoring. Then they meet on a Saturday (panel meetings generally run from 9:00 am through mid-afternoon) to discuss the applications, finalize their scores, and make a funding recommendation to the SMAC Board of Directors.  Meals and mileage reimbursement for the day are provided by SMAC.  Panelists may serve on a panel for one or more grant programs, depending on expertise, interest, and availability. Current and future panelists are strongly encouraged to read SMAC’s grant review process here, to better understand each step and application.

Grant review panel dates for 2018-2019:

Art Projects / Art Legacy Projects Grant Review Panel

  • Round I: August 18
  • Round II: January 5
  • Round III: April 13

Equipment & Facilities Improvement Panel

  • Round I: September 8
  • Round II: March 9

Arts in the Schools / Art Study Opportunity for Youth Grant Panel

  • Arts in the Schools Round I: November 3
  • Arts in the Schools Round II: February 16
  • Art Study Opportunity for Youth: April 16 (evening meeting)

Individual Artists Grant Review Panel

  • Round I: October 6
  • Round II: February 2
  • Round III: April 10 (evening)



  1. Please read the following section on Grant Panel Responsibilities (printable version available below).
  2. Read and sign our Conflict of Interest policy (link below).
  3. Download or print a copy of the Grant Review Panelist Application (link below).
  4. Email your completed application, resume, and signed Conflict of Interest document to, or mail to SW MN Arts Council, PO Box 55, Marshall, MN 56258.



About the Panel position:

  • Term is one year.
  • Appointments are by SMAC Board decision. The board seeks to find panelists from throughout the SMAC geographic region representing a balance of members with backgrounds in each of the artistic disciplines and representing artists, arts organizations, schools and the community at large.

About Panel meetings:

  • Meetings are generally held on Saturdays at the SMAC office in Marshall beginning at 9:00 A.M.
  • Meeting length is dependent on number of applications. Agenda will contain time recommendations.
  • Meals are provided by SMAC.
  • Mileage is reimbursed at $0.535 per mile.
  • Attendance is crucial (a quorum of five panel members is required).
  • Panelists must notify staff well in advance if unable to attend.

About Panel responsibilities:

  • Position is an active, working one.
  • Responsible for understanding program goals and objectives.
  • Panelists log-in to SMAC’s online grant system to read grant applications and do preliminary scoring based on the criteria for the particular grant program. Then they meet to discuss the applications, finalize their scores, and make a funding recommendation to the SMAC Board of Directors.
  • Panelists must declare any conflict of interest at the beginning of each meeting. If a conflict of interest exists, the panelist must abstain from discussion and voting on that application.
  • An individual cannot serve on the Individual Artist Grant Panel if they are applying for an Individual Artist Grant in that round.
  • Panel only has recommendation powers. The SMAC Board of Directors makes final decisions.
  • Panelists must agree not to discuss the recommendations of the panel to the board prior to the board action on those recommendations.
  • Panelists are asked to volunteer to conduct site evaluations of funded projects. Admission (two tickets) and mileage are reimbursed.



Grant Panel Responsibilities
All panelists are required to read the Grant Panel Responsibilities above.
Printable version:  Grant Panel Responsibilities

Conflict of Interest Policy
All panelists are required to read and sign the SMAC Conflict of Interest Policy.

Grant Review Panelist Application
Panelist Application (word doc), pdf

Email your completed application with resume and signed Conflict of Interest document to, or mail to SW MN Arts Council, PO Box 55, Marshall, MN 56258.


A Special Thanks to all the grant panelists who have served SMAC to date in 2017-2018:

  • Joyce Aakre, Dassel (Meeker)
  • Deb Ahmann, Mashall (Lyon)
  • Bobbie Alsgaard Lien, Rushmore (Nobles)
  • Lisa Bergh, New London (Kandiyohi)
  • Pam Blake, Tyler (Lincoln)
  • Mark Bosveld, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Mark Brodin, Windom (Cottonwood)
  • Cheri Buzzeo, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Lauren Carlson, Dawson (Lac qui Parle)
  • Cindy Demers, Dawson (Lac qui Parle)
  • Bob Dorlac, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Craig Edwards, New London (Kandiyohi)
  • Thomas Flynn, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Kathy Fransen, Jackson (Jackson)
  • Charles Freiss, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Mary Kay Frisvold, Garvin (Lyon)
  • Mary Gillespie, Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine)
  • Reggie Gorter, Pipestone (Pipestone)
  • Tammy Grubbs, Pipestone (Pipestone)
  • Denise Hepola, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Lisa Hill, Hutchinson (McLeod)
  • Tamara Isfeld, Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine)
  • Jeff Iverson, Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine)
  • Candace Joens, Wilmont (Nobles)
  • Georgette Jones, Watson (Chippewa)
  • Maureen Keimig, Marshall (Lyon)
  • David KelseyBassett, Lamberton (Redwood)
  • Jane Lanphere, Luverne (Rock)
  • Deb Larson, Ortonville (Big Stone)
  • John Larson, Milan (Chippewa)
  • Brett Lehman, Worthington (Nobles)
  • Michele Leininger, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Kristine Leuze, Hutchinson (McLeod)
  • Steve Linstrom, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Jan Loft, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Tammy Makram, Worthington (Nobles)
  • Joyce Meyer, Canby (Yellow Medicine)
  • Dusan Milanovic, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Dana Miller, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Kelly Muldoon, Slayton (Murray)
  • Paula Nemes, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Kaia Nowatzki, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Eileen O’Keefe, Morton (Renville)
  • Anne O’Keefe-Jackson, Morton (Renville)
  • Janet Olney, Willmar (Kandiyohi)
  • Eric Parrish, Worthington (Nobles)
  • Emily Petersen, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Karen Pfeiffer, Worthington (Nobles)
  • Liz Rackl, Ortonville (Big Stone)
  • Cindy Reverts, Luverne (Rock)
  • Kathy Schaefer, Ghent (Lyon)
  • Alan Stage, Hutchinson (McLeod)
  • Michele Knife-Sterner, Marshall (Lyon)
  • Marilee Strom, Windom (Cottonwood)
  • Claire Swanson, Granite Falls (Yellow Medicine)
  • Sheila Tabaka, Marshall (Lyon)
  • John Voit, Ghent (Lyon)
  • Erica Volkir, Pipestone (Pipestone)
  • Dan Wahl, Walnut Grove (Redwood)
  • John White, Ortonville (Big Stone)
  • Mark Wilmes, Tyler (Lincoln)
  • Tom Wirt, Hutchinson (McLeod)



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