Grant Panelist Orientation


If you’re a new grant panelist, these orientation materials will walk you through everything you need to know as you prepare to serve on a grant panel — from how to use the online grant system, to what to look for as you’re reading an application, to what to expect during panel discussion.

If you’re a returning panelist, the orientation will be a good refresher for you, but it does also include updated information as well.

Read or watch any or all of the segments, but if your time is limited we suggest you at least check out Part 3: Guidelines & Criteria for the grant program you will be reviewing.


Part 1

SMAC & its Funding Sources:     Text     Video


Part 2

SMAC’s Grant Programs & Process:     Text     Video


Part 3

Guidelines & Criteria

  • Quick Support for Organizations:     Text     Video
  • Quick Support for Artists:     Text     Video
  • Artist Equity:     Text     Video
  • Individual Artists: Emerging & Established Career:     Text     Video
  • Individual Artists: Community Collaboration:     Text     Video
  • Art Projects:     Text     Video
  • Equipment & Facilities:     Text     Video
  • Arts in the Schools:     Text     Video
  • Operating Support:     Text     Video
  • Art Legacy Projects:     Text     Video
  • Art Study Opportunity for Youth:     Text     Video


Part 4

Using the Grant System:     Text     Video


Part 5

Reading & Scoring Tips:     Text     Video


Part 6

Panel Meeting & Discussion Tips:     Text     Video

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