July 2020-June 2021

Art Legacy Projects
Funded 3/23/2021
Department of Public Transformation Granite Falls Ignite Rural $20,000
Lower Sioux Indian Community Morton Cansayapi Wicoigage Oti Incubator Start-Up Project $19,516
Wilder Pageant Committee Walnut Grove Laura’s Trilogy: Faith, Fragments, Fulfilled $20,000
Funded 4/27/21
City of Granite Falls Granite Falls Granite as a Model of Artistic Placemaking $18,600
Total Art Legacy Projects: $78,116
Art Projects
ROUND I: Funded 10/27/2020
AMP (Arts & Mentoring Project) Pipestone Little Kids Rock the Quartziter $6,184
Hutchinson Center for the Arts Hutchinson 2021 Visual Arts Exhibition Series $2,000
Lac qui Parle Historical Society Madison Production of the Lac qui Parle Radio Hour $4,216
Meander Art Crawl Appleton Meander 2021 $7,000
Prairie Arts Continuum Windom PAC Presents “Shrek the Musical” $7,000
ROUND II: Funded 01/26/2021
AMP (Arts & Mentoring Project) Pipestone Moana Jr. Musical Theatre Camp $7,000
City of Granite Falls Granite Falls Get to Know Granite Falls – Then & Now $7,000
Canby Area Arts Council Canby 2021 Music on Mondays/Art in the Park $6,581
Jackson Center for the Arts Jackson Music at the Market/Arts in the Park $7,000
ROUND III: Funded 4/27/21
City of Granite Falls Granite Falls Creative Crosswalks $6,500
Department of Public Transformation Granite Falls WE CAN! Event Series $7,000
Greater Milan Initiative Milan The Defrost Project and Greater Milan Initiative Present: We Are Milan 2021 $7,000
Green Earth Players Luverne Green Earth Players 2021 Fall Musical $7,000
Kerkhoven Arts Council Kerkhoven 2021 Summer Youth Musical Theatre Program $7,000
Lyon County Agricultural Society Marshall Lyon County Fair, Jason Pritchett $7,000
Marshall Area Farmers Market Marshall Performances in the Market $4,000
Marshall Area Fine Arts Council Marshall MAFAC Exhibit Program May 2021 through April 2022 $829
Minnesota Pottery Festival Hutchinson 2021 MN Pottery Festival $7,000
City of Sunberg Sunberg Sunburg Heritage Arts Initiative $6,720
SWWC Foundation for Innovation in Education Marshall 2021 Conference for Young Artists $7,000
The Calumet Players Pipestone MACT One Act Play Festival in Partnership with Calumet Players $2,499
Total Art Projects: $123,529
Equipment & Facilities Improvement    
ROUND I: Funded 3/23/2021
Bird Island Cultural Centre Bird Island Replace Facility Windows & Repair Exterior Wall $10,000
Wilder Pageant Committee Walnut Grove This Little Light on Laura $10,000
Round II: Funded 4/27/21
AMP (Arts & Mentoring Project) Pipestone Computer Equipment $10,000
Blue Mound Area Theatre Luverne Livestreaming Multi-Camera Installation $9,771
Crow River Players New London Little Theatre Sound Stage $10,000
Department of Public Transformation Granite Falls YES! House Media Lab & Maker Space $10,000
Granite Area Arts Council Granite Falls Bike Art Cart, Maker’s Market, flooring, etc. $9,817
Greater Litchfield Opera House Litchfield Stage, Sound and Lighting Enhancement $9,840
Willmar Community Theatre/The Barn Theatre Willmar Replace/upgrade Website and Curtain Track for gifted curtains $8,255
  Total Equipment & Facilities Improvement: $87,683
Monthly Grants    
Going Virtual: Funded 10/27/2020    
Granite Area Arts Council Granite Falls Equipment and Training for Virtual Classes $826
Going Virtual: Funded 11/24/2020    
AMP (Arts & Mentoring Project) Pipestone A New Way $1,000
Big Stone Arts Council Ortonville Big Stone Arts Council Membership Virtual Outreach $1,000
Crow River Players New London Little Theatre’s Open Mic Online $1,000
Marshall Area Stage Company Marshall Video Camera for virtual now & forward-focus program $1,000
Pipestone Performing Arts Center Pipestone Virtual Performance Series $1,000
Going Virtual: Funded 12/18/2020    
Blue Mound Area Theatre/The Palace Theatre Luverne Streaming Equipment for the Palace $995
Wilder Pageant Committee Walnut Grove YOLO Laura 2021 $988
Going Virtual: Funded 01/26/2021
Lake Benton Opera House Lake Benton Virtual Equipment & Software $958
Willmar Community Theatre/The Barn Theater Willmar Barn Theatre Going Virtual $1,000
Going Virtual: Funded 02/23/2021
Worthington Memorial Auditorium Worthington Going Virtual at MAPAC $1,000
Art Legacy Project Planning  
Funded 4/27/21  
Department of Public Transformation Granite Falls Granite Falls City Artist-in-Residence Sustainability & Expansion Planning $2,500
Arts Organization Development: Funded 01/26/2021  
Granite Area Arts Council Granite Falls Maker’s Market Development $2,500
Funded 4/27/21
Department of Public Transformation Granite Falls Work with Contracted Capital Campaign Expert $2,500
New London Arts and Culture Alliance New London Strategic Planning and Board Development $2,500
  Total Monthly Grants: $20,767
Operating Support
Year Two (Awarded in FY2020 but granted in FY2021)
Crow River Players New London Operating Support Year 2 $3,655
Hutchinson Center for the Arts Hutchinson Operating Support Year 2 $14,761
Jackson Center for the Arts Jackson Operating Support Year 2 $3,257
Marshall Area Fine Arts Council Marshall Operating Support Year 2 $9,466
Milan Village Arts School Milan Operating Support Year 2 $8,827
Wilder Pageant Committee Walnut Grove Operating Support Year 2 $14,722
Willmar Area Arts Council Willmar Operating Support Year 2 $6,784
Winsted Arts Council Winsted Operating Support Year 2 $5,901
  Total Operating Support Year Two Grants: $67,373
Arts in the Schools
ROUND I:  Funded 11/24/2020
Dawson-Boyd Schools Dawson Dulcimers in the Time of COVID $3,772
Lakeview Public School Cottonwood Ross Sutter Dulcimer Residency $4,000
RTR School District Tyler Virtual Music Residency 2020 $3,960
Southwest Minnesota State University-Music Dept. Marshall Oliver Nelson Jr. Jazz Residency $4,000
Yellow Medicine East Schools Granite Falls Paper: Cut, Fold, Sculpt $4,000
ROUND I: Funded 2/23/2021
RTR Tyler History & Heritage of Tribal People $3,001
Round III: Funded 5/25/21
BOLD Public Schools Olivia Plein Air Art Field Trip $937
RTR School District Tyler Copper Street Brass Residency $4,000
  Total Arts in the Schools Grants: $27,670
Individual Artist-Art Study Opportunity for Youth
Funded 4/27/21
Brooke Schlegel Lake Lillian Watercolor study with artist Michele Steffen $500
Georgia Rabaey Marshall All State Orchestra Summer Camp $500
Maggie Setrum Raymond Violin lessons with Lisa Zeller $500
Individual Artist-Equity
Funded 11/24/2020
Autumn Cavender-Wilson Granite Falls Wowicakekage $4,000
Funded 11/24/2020
Jammie Niemeyer Maynard Portraits: Multicultural Leaders throughout American History $4,000
Funded 3/23/2021
John Edwards Hutchinson Skateland Mini Doc Project $4,000
Individual Artist- Established Career
ROUND I: Funded 9/22/2020    
Daniel Bernstrom Worthington Picture Book Development Grant $6,958
Fern Cloud Granite Falls NA Traditional Bison Robe Painting $7,000
Zachary Ploeger Pipestone Trumpet Repertoire Recording Project $7,000
Lucy Tokheim Dawson Heroes of the Middle Ages, Walking the Primstav $7,000
ROUND I: Funded 2/23/2021
Karen Jenson Appleton Karen Jenson Portfolio 2021 $7,000
John Sterner Marshall Inktober being Lakota Journeys $7,000
David Strom Windom D. Strom Drawings to Paintings $7,000
Dan Wahl Walnut Grove Don’t Doubt Your Horses $5,595
Individual Artist-Emerging    
ROUND I: Funded 9/22/2020    
Rhonda Buerkle Glencoe Children’s Book $2,500
Deborah Meyer Madison Sri Lanka in Watercolors $1,310
Mary KG Seifert Willmar Novel Publishing Preparation $2,500
ROUND I: Funded 2/23/2021
Laura Deleski Willmar Genealogy Quilt $2,500
Jason Frank Ortonville Old Glacier’s Almanac $2,500
Maggie Fuller Montevideo ME Fuller Emerging Artist $2,500
Erik Hatlestad New London Music of Agrarian Struggle $2,500
John Kellen Willmar Up Close and Personal $2,500
Total Individual Artist Grants Awarded: $86,855
Prairie Disciple Award    
Rosemary Glesener Bird Island Prairie Disciple Award 2021 $1,000

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