July 2017 through June 2018

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Art Projects

ROUND I GRANTS: Funded 8/22/2017
Crow River Youth Choir Hutchinson 2017/2018 Crow River Youth Choir Concert Season $2,700
Hutchinson Center for the Arts Hutchinson 2018 Visual Arts Exhibition Season $2,000
Hutchinson Photography Club Hutchinson Hutchinson Photography Club Showcase $1,263
Jackson Center for the Arts Jackson Winter Concert Series $2,900
Madison Healthcare Services Madison Madison Healthcare Services Art Project $2,307
Meander Art Crawl Regional Meander 2018 $5,000
Prairie Arts Chorale Marshall Spring Concert Season 2018 $2,500
Southwest Minnesota Orchestra/Friends of the Orchestra Marshall An All-American Celebration – SMUS at 50! $4,980
Willmar Area Arts Council Willmar 2018 Studio Hop $4,355
Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra Willmar Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra: 2 Concerts $5,000
Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra Worthington WASO Holiday Concert 2017 $5,000
ROUND II GRANTS: Funded 1/13/18
Buffalo Ridge Chorale Hendricks 2018 Concert Series $4,905
Cultural Awareness Organization Worthington Worthington International Festival $5,000
Eden Valley-Watkins Community Ed Eden Valley The Sound of Music $5,000
Friends of the Arts Renville Prairie Fire Children’s Theatre Aladdin $750
Friends of the Orchestra/SMO Marshall Spring 2018 Concert: Song of the South Western Prairie $5,000
Granite Falls Community Theatre Granite Falls Disney’s High School Musical Jr. $5,000
Marshall Area Fine Arts Council Marshall Performance Series 2018-2019 $4,500
New London Music Festival New London 2018 Music Festival $5,000
Pipestone Civil War Days Pipestone Pipestone Civil War Days $4,710
Prairie Dance Alliance Lynd Dance Camp 2018 $5,000
Willmar Area Arts Council Willmar Celebrate Art! Celebrate Coffee! 2018 $4,550
Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra Willmar 2 Concerts: “Story Time” & Young Artists” $5,000
Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra Worthington Spring Concert 2018 $5,000
ROUND III GRANTS: Funded 4/24/18
Central Park Market Cottonwood Musical Talent at Central Park Market $1,770
Crow River Singers Hutchinson 2018-2019 Concert Series $2,616
Dakota Wicohan Morton Horse Nation Exhibit Field Trip $2,910
Danube Historical Society Danube 2018 Concerts in the Park $3,350
Dassel Area Historical Society Dassel Discover Dassel Fine Art Tour 2018 $2,726
Fair Association of Jackson County Jackson Art Appreciation at the 2018 Fair $3,520
Granite Falls Riverfront Revitalization Granite Falls Riverside Market and Muse $3,545
Marshall Area Farmers Market Marshall Performances at the Market $4,600
Marshall Area Fine Arts Council Marshall MAFAC Exhibit Program 2018-2019 $1,840
Minnesota Pottery Festival Hutchinson 2018 Minnesota Pottery Festival $5,000
Prairie Arts Chorale Marshall Fall Concert Season 2018 $1,178
Redwood Area Schools Redwood Falls A World of Music $2,726
Rhythm of the River Jackson Rhythm of the River Music Festival $5,000
RiverSong Music Festival Hutchinson RiverSong Music Festival 2018 $5,000
ROUND IV GRANTS: Funded 05/22/18
Blue Mound Area Theatre Luverne SongBlast – Dueling Guitars $3,150
Bonanza Education Center Ortonville Big Stone Lake Stories $5,000
Greater Litchfield Opera House Assn Litchfield Plymouth Concert Band Performance $1,274
Marshall-Lyon County Library Marshall Writing Workshop $2,448
Total Art Projects: $155,073

Art Legacy Projects

ROUND I GRANTS: Funded 8/22/2017
City of Granite Falls/EDA Granite Falls Riverside Voices $15,700
ROUND II GRANTS: Funded 1/13/18
City of Appleton Appleton Appleton 52 Wing Collage Mural $14,065
Round IV GRANTS: Funded 8/22/18
Bird Island Cultural Centre Bird Island Bird Island Cultural Center Mural $12,454
Total Art Legacy Projects: $42,2189

Art Legacy Project Planning

Luverne Initiative for Tomorrow Luverne Nutcracker Project $2,000
City of Montevideo Montevideo Downtown Stairs Art Project $2,000
Total Art Legacy Project Planning: $4,000

Arts Organization Development



Wilder Pageant Committee Walnut Grove LAURA 2027 $2,060
Willmar Area Arts Council Facilitated long-range planning workshop $477
Total Arts Organization Development: $2,537

Arts Organization Start-Up

Tyler Art Council Tyler Tyler Arts Council 501c3 Funding $1,050
Total Arts Organization Start-Up: $1,050

Equipment/Facilities Improvement

ROUND I GRANTS: Funded 9/26/2017
The Barn Theatre Willmar Removable Assessable Seating $1,251
ROUND II GRANTS: Funded 2/27/2018
Blue Mound Area Theatre Luverne Light Board $4,096
Crow River Players New London LCD Projector and Screen $10,000
Friends of the Auditorium Worthington LED Lighting Equipment Upgrade Project II $9,949
FungusAmongus Players Dassel Theatrical Lighting Project $10,000
Jackson Center for the Arts Jackson Replace storefront window and door $5,624
Lac qui Parle Players Madison Improvement of PAC Facilities $10,000
Marshall Area Stage Company Marshall Portable sound system replacement $2,285
Pipestone Performing Arts Center Pipestone Ticketing Platform, Light Board, Sound & Light Maintenance $7,076
Wilder Pageant Walnut Grove Wilder Pageant Light Upgrade $9,800
Total Equipment/Facilities Improvement: $70,081

Operating Support

TWO YEAR GRANTS: Funded 11/28/17
Crow River Players New London Operating Support 2018-2019 $7,337
Dawson-Boyd Arts Association Dawson Operating Support-Meeting the Challenge! $8,290
Hutchinson Center for the Arts Hutchinson FY 18/19 Operating Support $17,215
Lake Benton Opera House Lake Benton Operating Support FY 18/19 $9,398
Marshall Area Fine Arts Council Marshall Operating Support FY 2018-2019 $11,409
Milan Village Arts School Milan FY 18/19 – Operating Support Grant $9,576
Prairie Arts Chorale Marshall Prairie Arts Chorale 2018-2020 $6,202
Willmar Area Arts Council Willmar Operating Support $6,069
Total Operating Support: $75,496

Arts in the Schools

ROUND I GRANTS: Funded 11/28/17
Adrian ISD 511 Adrian Residency with CSB $4,000
Appleton-Milan Elementary School Appleton The Science of Sound $4,000
Bert Raney Elementary Granite Falls Ross Sutter Dulcimer Residency $2,332
Dassel Elementary Dassel Singing on the Trail $3,984
Dawson-Boyd Schools Dawson Ross Sutter Folk Music Residency $3,709
Lakeview Public School Cottonwood Ross Sutter Dulcimer Residency $2,236
Minneota Public Schools Minneota Minneota Perspectives on Peace Residency $4,000
Yellow Medicine East Granite Falls Connecting Swirls of Movement $4,000
ROUND II GRANTS: Funded 2/27/18
Lac qui Parle Valley School District Madison EL Art & Culture Field Trip $2,757
Lac qui Parle Valley School District Madison LqPV Musical Theater Workshop $2,500
Lester Prairie Schools Lester Prairie Hands on Art History: Guiding Creation of Self-Portraits $4,000
Minneota Public School Minneota Professional Dinner Theater Experience $2,491
New Century Academy Hutchinson Chainsaw Carver/Subtractive Sculpture Residency $4,000
Willmar Public Schools/ECFE Willmar Crayola Experience Field Trip $2,219
Total Arts in the Schools Grants $46,228

Art Study Opportunity for Youth Grants 4/24/18

Kayden Cavaness Clara City Art Camp at Minnetonka Center for the Arts $500
Leah DeBoer Prinsburg Illustration with Kristen Allen $292
Lukas Hillenbrand Willmar Sequential Art with David Chase $491
David Rabaey Marshall Southwest Minnesota String Festival $500
Georgia Rabaey Marshall Southwest Minnesota String Festival $500
Eleanor Ryder Willmar Watercolor Project $475
Zoe Vorbach Marshall Augustana Summer Music Camp $500
Maeve Winter Willmar Butler University String Scholars Camp $500
Total Art Study Opportunity for Youth Grants $3,758

Individual Artists

ROUND I GRANTS: Funded 8/22/2017
Lauren Carlson Dawson Dawson Minnesota Poet Lauren Carlson attends AWP $1,985
Fred Cogelow Willmar “Verweile doch…” (Linger awhile…) $5,000
Anna DeGraff Marshall Sounds of Southwestern Minnesota $5,000
John Ginocchio Marshall Moorish and Christian Marches $1,983
Susan McLean Marshall Poetry Book $512
ROUND II GRANTS: Funded 10/24/17
Robyn Sand Anderson Redwood Falls The Arts Connect Us $5,000
Cole Behrends Lakefield The Paintbrush Graveyard $2,000
Stephanie Chappell Glencoe Creative non-fiction book $597
Lynn Edwards New London Create work, upgrade studio exhibition $2,000
Elisabeth Fondell Dawson Writing Portfolio Development $1,500
Bradley Hall Granite Falls Tony Couch Watercolor Workshop $2,000
Agnes Alsgaard Lien Rushmore Skewed Perspective II $5,000
Shannen Louwagie Cottonwood S. Leigh Exhibit $2,000
Victoria Hanna McKinney Walnut Grove Talking Points: Climate Change Embroidery $5,000
Brook Pederson Montevideo Studio expansion for wake skate, long board S.U.P. design $2,000
ROUND III GRANTS: Funded 03/27/18
Craig Edwards New London Make a body of work $5,000
Jessica Gorman Renville Follow the Yellowstone Trail: Western Minnesota $2,000
Haley Jacobsen Hutchinson The First $990
Melanie Lee Marshall Alexander Technique: Applied Study $1,950
Craig Lindsay Marshall Musical Composition Demo Recordings $1,460
Zachary Ploeger Pipestone Original Compositions CD Recording Project $5,000
Kurt Schulz Glencoe Kurt Schulz: Actor $5,000
Pamela Warriner Westbrook Klin for progression of pottery $2,000
Danielle Wedeking Windom Framing $1,921
Total Individual Artists: $66,898

Local Arts Initiative

SW/WC Service Cooperative Marshall 2018 Young Artist Conference $2,500

SMAC Special Awards

Travis Erickson Pipestone Prairie Star Award $5,000
LeAnn Atchison Clara City Prairie Disciple Award $500
Total Special Awards $5,500
2018 GRANTS AWARDED: $475,340

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