July 2021-Current

Quick Support for Organizations      
Funded 8/24/2021      
Lamberton Area Community Foundation Lamberton Community Mural Planning Grant $2,500
Madison Art Gallery Madison Planning for Madison Art Gallery $2,500
Marshall Area Stage Company Marshall Support for participation in MACTFest 2021 $638
Board Initiated Grants      
Funded 8/24/2021      
Kiwanis Club of Windom Windom Live Music for Welcoming Week 2021 $2,500
    Total Organizational Grants: $10,000
Individual Artist-Equity      
Funded 08/24/2021      
Teresa Peterson Belview Launch & Market Support for Voices Book $4,000
Individual Artist-Quick Support      
Funded 08/24/2021      
Sureeporn Sompamitwong Adrian I Can’t Breath $1,000
    Total Individual Artist Grants: $5,000
    2022 TOTAL GRANTS AWARDED: $13,183

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