July 2019-Current

Art Projects
ROUND I GRANTS:  Funded 8/27/2019
52 Wing Restoration Committee Appleton Applefest 2019-Applefestival of Music $3,320
Crow River Youth Choir Hutchinson 2019/2020 Concert Season $2,470
Granite Falls Living at Home Granite Falls GF-LAH/BNP Teaching Artist Residency $4,000
Hutchinson Center for the Arts Hutchinson 2020 Visual Arts Exhibition Series $2,000
Meander Art Crawl Upper MN River Valley Meander 2020 $7,000
Pipestone Civil War Days Pipestone Pipestone Civil War Days $7,000
Prairie Arts Chorale Marshall Spring Concert Season 2020 $3,265
Prairie Dance Alliance Marshall Nutcracker 2019 $7,000
Tyler Arts Council Tyler Falls Arts Council Events $1,600
Winsted Arts Council Winsted WAC Music Event Q120 $4,145
Total Art Projects: $41,800
Art Legacy Projects
ROUND I GRANTS:  Funded 8/27/2019
City of Madison Madison Biome: A light-based sculpture $25,000
Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra Worthington WASO & Brule Holiday Concerts 2019 $16,000
  Total Legacy Art Projects: $41,000
Equipment & Facilities Improvement
ROUND I GRANTS:  Funded 10/22/2019
The Barn Theatre Willmar Equipment Improvements $10,000
Reading Committee Theatre Reading Sound System Upgrade $666
  Total Equipment & Facilities Improvement: $10,666
Operating Support
Funded 11/2/19
Crow River Players New London Operating Support $3,655
Dawson-Boyd Arts Association Dawson Operating Support $8,044
Hutchinson Center for the Arts Hutchinson Operating Support $14,761
Jackson Center for the Arts Jackson Operating Support $3,257
Lake Benton Opera House Lake Benton Operating Support $4,801
Marshall Area Fine Arts Council Marshall Operating Support $9,466
Milan Village Arts School Milan Operating Support $8,827
Pipestone Performing Arts Center Pipestone Operating Support $10,106
Prairie Arts Chorale Marshall Operating Support $3,355
Wilder Pageant Committee Walnut Grove Operating Support $11,043
Willmar Area Arts Council Willmar Operating Support $6,784
Winsted Arts Council Winsted Operating Support $5,901
  Total Operating Support: $90,000
Arts Organization Development


Department of Public Transformation Granite Falls Propel Quickbooks Set-Up and Training $4,700
Willmar Area Arts Council Willmar New Brochure $610
Total Arts Organization Development: $5,310
Art Legacy Project Planning


Department of Public Transformation Granite Falls Women’s Empowerment Creative Action Network (WE CAN!) Planning + Retreat $4,700
Total Art Legacy Project Planning: $4,700
Arts in the Schools
ROUND I GRANTS: Funded 11/26/19
Appleton-Milan Elementary School Appleton Dance in Our World $4,000
Bert Raney Elementary Granite Falls Ross Sutter Dulcimer Residency $2,394
Lakeview Public School Cottonwood Ross Sutter Dulcimer Residency $2,376
SW MN State University – Music Dept. Marshall William Huber Jazz Residency $4,000
Yellow Medicine East Granite Falls Retelling the Story $4,000
Total Arts in the Schools: $16,770
Individual Artist-Developing
ROUND I GRANTS: Funded 9/24/2019    
Nicholas Hendriks Olivia Family Portraiture Revival $2,500
Breanne Howerton New London Farmer-Labor Novel Draft $2,442
Mary La Patka Willmar The Beauty and the Science of Botanical Art and Illustration $2,500
Shelley Bluestone Zeller Morgan Dakota Wolf Story $2,500
Individual Artist-Established Career    
ROUND I GRANTS: Funded 10/24/2019    
Daryl Hrdlicka Westbrook Pale Dawn Movie $7,000
Zachary Ploeger Pipestone Standard Trumpet Repertoire Project $7,000
Kari Weber New London Weber Painting Grant $7,000
Individual Artist-Community Collaboration    
Funded 9/24/2019    
Tamara Isfeld Granite Falls Renville Community Mural $10,000
Total Individual Artist: $40,942
2019 GRANTS AWARDED: $251,188

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