July 2022-Current

Organization Grants Awarded


Art Projects


Funded 8/23/2022

The Barn Theatre Willmar Winter Season Production $7,000
Hutchinson Center for the Arts Hutchinson 2023 Visual Arts Exhibition Series $3,265
Meander Art Crawl Appleton Meander 2023 $7,000
Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center Spicer Meadow Adventures on Earth Day $7,000
Southwest Minnesota Orchestra Marshall The American Experience $6,425
Willmar Area Symphony Orchestra Willmar 2 Concerts $7,000
Worthington Area Symphony Orchestra Worthington November 2022 Concert – Water Music! $7,000

Funded 9/27/2022

The Calumet Players, Inc. Pipestone Disney’s The Descendants: The Musical $4,670

Equipment & Facilities Improvement


Funded 10/25/2022

FungusAmongus Players Dassel Theatrical Sound System Purchase $1,000
Greater Litchfield Opera House Litchfield Stage Thrust $8,417

Quick Support


Funded 8/23/22

DEMO inc Svea Planning for “Honoring Diversity Labyrinth” $2,025
The Barn Theatre Willmar Marketing Plan $2,500

Funded 9/27/2022

Department of Public Transformation Granite Falls The YES! House Futures Strategic Planning Project $2,500

Funded 11/22/22

Tyler Arts Council Tyler Love Letters $652

Funded 12/20/22

Dawson-Boyd Arts Association Dawson Transition & Training 2023 $2,500


Operating Support


Funded 11/23/2021

Bird Island Cultural Centre Bird Island Operating Support FY 2000 – 2023 $7,798
Little Theatre Auditorium New London Operating Support FY 2022 – 2023 $8,725
Dawson-Boyd Arts Association Dawson Operating Support – Overcoming Challenges $9,288
Hutchinson Center for the Arts Hutchinson Operating Support FY22/23 $14,806
Jackson Center for the Arts Jackson Office Staffing for Jackson Center for the Arts $8,699
Marshall Area Arts Council Marshall MAFAC Operating Support FY 2022 – 2023 $7,220
Milan Village Arts School Milan MVAS Operating Support FY 2022 – 2023 $10,859
Pipestone Performing Arts Center Pipestone PPAC 2022/2023 Operating Support $11,668
Prairie Arts Chorale Marshall Operating Support FY 2022 – 2023 $5,696
Wilder Pageant Committee Walnut Grove LAURA INGALLS WILDER SEES THE FUTURE $15,180
Willmar Area Arts Council Willmar Operating Support FY 2022 – 2023 $7,424

Total Organizational Grants:



Arts in the Schools


Funded 11/22/22

Bert Raney Elementary Granite Falls 5th Grade Dulcimer Project with Ross Sutter $2,662
Lakeview Public School Cottonwood Ross Sutter Dulcimer $2,747
Prairie Elementary Worthington T-Shirt Art $4,000
Southwest Minnesota State University Music Department Marshall Tom Malone Jazz Residency $4,000
Yellow Medicine East Granite Falls Creativity Beyond Age $4,000

Total Schools Grants:



Individual Artists


Advanced Artist Fellowship


Funded 11/22/22

Andrew Rivera Hutchinson Studio Equipment & Compensated Time $7,000


Artist Growth


Funded 9/27/2022

Kristi Link Fernholz Appleton Purchase new camera equipment and create a new body of work $4,000
Marija Heck Bird Island Commission of 7-String Guitar $3,500
John Kellen Willmar Expansion from still photography to videography $4,000
Saara Myrene Raappana Marshall My Own Private Kalevala $4,000
Mark Thode Pipestone Theatre Poster Portfolio $3,806
Jannet Walsh Murdock Nonfiction Quest Narrative — Family Stories: MN & Irish Diaspora $4,000


Quick Support


Funded 8/23/22

Lisa Bergh New London Equipment and material for a new body of work $1,000
Andrew Webster Hutchinson Building Our First Kiln! $1,000

Funded 10/25/2022

Jessie Hennen Wood Lake Granite Falls Home Companion Companion Vol. 2: Editing + Publicity $500

Funded 11/22/22


Nancy Harms Clara City

Hire MN Videographer for Music Videos


Mary KG Seifert Willmar

Professional Growth through Conference Attendance


Funded 12/20/22


Stacey Neuhaus Litchfield

Starting Again: Rebuild Foundational Skills



Total Individual Artist Grants:





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