Granite Falls Community Artist in Residence team seeks Communications & Creative Marketing Coordinator


JOB POSTING – Communications & Creative Marketing Coordinator (part-time remote)

Granite Falls Community Artist in Residence Program

Budgeted at $1200/month, or average of 12 hours a week at $25/hr. 

Independent contract on a W-9 through December 2023 with potential to renew.

Preference given to local applicants or applicants working from rural spaces.

To apply, please send a resume/CV and letter of interest to Feel free to include any work samples you think might be relevant!

Seeking a passionate, innovative communicator looking to serve and impact a complex rural community in a big way. You are a master storyteller in varied mediums, sharing the program work being done accessibly on multiple channels, keeping messaging clear and consistent, writer of press releases and maintainer of press contacts locally, regionally and beyond, advertiser of all events, coordinator of event and program promotion, director of the social posting schedule. You are responsible for sharing all information openly with the community, and with other communities around the world as the program moves forward.

The Community Artist in Residence (CAIR) program want someone excited by the idea of community and collaboration to join a team devoted to experimentation and process rather than relentless success. They want your zeal, your creativity, your out of the box ideas. Devote your creativity and expertise to something that is already making a difference – and could, with the  right team, make a huge splash.

Information about the GF CAIR program can be found at

Responsibilities include:

-Masterminding and maintaining the storytelling strategy for the 2023 program, which may include

  • Drafting and distributing creative communication and marketing sharing events, program goals
  • Drafting and distributing press releases locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Developing (or overseeing development of) a branding and style guide
  • Experimenting and implementing creative new strategies for sharing information about events and the program overall to various audiences and demographics

-Promoting all program events and initiatives consistently across a variety of mediums

-Coordinating social posting and strategy

-Working with the Program Director to craft program messaging and conduct program outreach

-Taking the initiative – help us ideate how to not only make the program as successful and engaging as possible, but how to tell that story effectively in ways that people will listen and respond to

-As appropriate, creatively sharing the Resource Guide and information about the process of its creation with a wide swath of networks, including local, regional, and international communities and organizations interested in the GF CAIR experiment or starting a program of their own

-Working directly with the artist (and Community Touchpoint as requested) to effectively communicate their creative mission to and with the community – and beyond

  • This includes helping to amplify volunteer and community asks

-Taking initiative in brainstorming creative opportunities for program publicity and marketing

-Developing and maintaining a detailed press outreach list and local and regional org outreach list

-Responding to all press, messaging, or other community informational inquires in a timely, informative and engaged manner

-Pursuing and writing about narratives of community members involved in and affected by the resulting project(s), using storytelling to document and measure the results of art in a unique way.

-Participating in monthly staff meetings, and attend bi-weekly Advisory Board meetings (or as requested)

-Offering honest feedback and help develop evaluation process, including participating in mid-residency and post-residency evaluations

-Complying with all program administrative procedures and assist in program documentation as requested

  • This includes maintaining regular and reasonable communication with other staff and the artist as well as the advisory board, and any press or appropriate contacts
  • This includes submitting hours, invoices, expenses and budgetary asks per the requested consistent program format

Budgeted at $1200/month, or average of 12 hours a week at $25/hr. 

Independent contract on a W-9 through December 2023 with potential to renew.

Open until filled. Find out more on the

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