Re-purposed Stained Glass Exhibit in Granite Falls

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K.K. Berge Gallery, 807 Prentice St, Granite Falls

Nancy Altain is exhibiting her re-purposed stained glass Feb-16th -March 30th. She will have a artist reception March 10th, 6:30-8:30 PM. K.K. Berge Gallery, 807 Prentice St, Granite Falls. Information at 320-564-4240 or

From an artist statement: “Nancy Altain is a rapidly aging person who, after a lifetime of accumulating found objects, junkyard oddities, thrift store bargains, garage sale things, and stuff no one else bid on at auctions, stumbled upon the idea of incorporating stained glass into some of these items.”

“Working with stained glass requires both patience and careful planning, (virtues the artist needed to hone, if not acquire). The majority of the glass used is what others consider scrap, and was rescued from dumpster and waste receptacles. The making and repurposing of these objects has puzzled and entertained the artist for some time, and has evolved into a challenging and rewarding pastime. The artist and her cats, who have been employed as models on occasion, hope you enjoy her work.”

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