Paper State Flowers by Ellen Schofield and David Rogers

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Artist Exhibit at Hutchinson Center for the Arts 15 Franklin St. SW Hutchinson


Exhibit runs October 10-November 4th.
Public Reception: Friday, October 14th 5 – 7pm. The artists will present an informal gallery talk about their process and the project at 6 pm.

Ellen Schofield and David Rogers are both professors of graphic design at Minnesota State University, Mankato. While they both maintain traditional design practices, they are also interested in exploring how emerging technologies are pushing the boundaries of graphic design. Recently, they have been working with a laser cutter to see how their work is affected by the addition of this rapid-prototyping technology. David Rogers is particularly interested in the visual form of language and how handmade work can both influence and be informed by digital process. He uses the laser cutter to create three-dimensional letterforms that explore the spaces in between letterforms and readability. Ellen Schofield has been focusing on how laser cutters may be incorporated into the illustration process. By manipulating paper with the laser cutter, she is exploring how paper transforms into a design medium itself, transcending its use as just substrate for design to be placed upon. Recently they have been collaborating on a series of pieces that combine typography and paper illustration based around the official flowers of each U.S state.

Gallery Hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00 am-5:00 pm, Friday 12:00-4:00 pm. Info at 320-587-7278 or

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