Artist Reception: Deb Bates Larson

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Hutchinson Center for the Arts, 15 Franklin St SW, Hutchinson

Artist Reception for Deb Bates Larson’s exhibit of paintings entitled, “Couch Culture”, is on September 10th from 4-6pm.

In Larson’s latest series of paintings, she explores individuals and relationships at rest, a phenomenon she calls ‘Couch Culture’. Larson explains:

“One day I happened to notice an unexpected occurrence: years of a sibling rivalry between my two boys, less than two years apart in age, were forgotten in a moment of mindless down-time on their couch. Their teen limbs were casually sprawled, overlapping each other, and yet they were obviously in separate worlds of thought. This quiet moment originally beckoned me to explore ways I can reveal underlying qualities of individuals and relationships through physical proximity, body language, gaze, and expression.”

Exhibit runs through 8/29/16-10/5/16, Gallery Hours: 10am-5pm

Hutchinson Center for the Arts


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