Forecast Public Art Grants Open September 1st


Three grant opportunities will open for applications on September 1, 2017!

Deadline to submit is October 17, 2017. Starting September 1, applications will be available here:


Forecast Grants 101

Learn about the grant options, eligibility, application requirements, and more.

WHEN: Thursday, September 14, 6-7pm AND Wednesday, September 20, 6-7pm

Click here for more information and to RSVP


The ABC’s of Site Permissions:

Learn what site permissions are and how to obtain them. With Mary Altman from the City of Minneapolis Public Art Program and Sarah Peters from NorthernLights.MN. [You must secure site permission in order to apply for the early career project grant. See below.]

WHEN: Tuesday, September 7, 6-7pm

Click here for more information and to RSVP


Mid-Career Professional Development Grant [2 grants, $5000 each]

This grant supports Minnesota-based mid-career artists seeking to expand or advance their careers in the field of public art. Funding can be used to support the development of a project idea or to participate in activities that will help applicants further their careers as public artists. Professional development activities can range from residencies to apprenticeships, conferences, travel, study, skill development, and the creation of project models or prototypes, as long as the overall outcome is to advance the applicant’s public art career. [See definition of mid-career below].

Early-Career Project Grant [2 grants, $8000 each]

These grants support the creation of a temporary or permanent public artwork anywhere in the state of Minnesota by an early-career Minnesota-based artist.

Projects may be additionally supported by public or nonprofit agencies, or through in-kind sources, however, private commissions are not eligible.

NOTE: The project site must be secured by the application deadline (written documentation of site approval is required in the application).

Attend an information session about the ABC’s of Site Permissions, with Mary Altman and Sarah Peters. More info and RSVP HERE.

Early-Career Research + Development Grant [4 grants, $2500 each]

These grants support early-career artists in public art related research and development or with the planning phase of freely accessible public art installation or activity in Minnesota. Activities could range from research to planning, community dialogues, site or budget development, or model building. R+D grants may be used for the development of proposals for other public or nonprofit agencies, however, they may not be used for private commissions.

Definitions, FAQ’s, grant writing tips, and more information is available at

Please share widely with Minnesota based artists, or consider applying yourself!

Questions? Contact Jen Krava

Jen Krava, Creative Services Manager  |  651-641-1128 x111
Forecast Public Art  |  2300 Myrtle Avenue, Suite 160  |  St. Paul, MN 55114  |

The Mid-Career Professional Development Grants are made available with funding from the McKnight Foundation. The Early-Career Project Grants and Early-Career Research and Development Grants are made available with funding from the Jerome Foundation.​

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