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Make a gift today and seed this critical new fund!

Communities are seeking Forecast’s help in moving from intention to action to support BIPOC artists, listen deeply to their members’ wants and needs, and change outdated public art policies and practices.

Desire has skyrocketed for new approaches to address inequities in public art and monuments and our phone has been ringing. While overall demand to do this work is growing, the resources to undertake it are scarce in many communities where it’s most needed.

It has become increasingly difficult for Forecast to turn away the many neighborhood organizations, arts administrators, artists, community organizers, and others reaching out to our team for help navigating racial justice in their public art programs. With your help, we won’t have to!

With this fund, Forecast will provide much needed guidance, coaching, and technical assistance to artists and communities as they undertake the complex task of confronting racial inequities in public art and monuments and creating new, inclusive representations of their public stories and memory.

Chroma Zone 2021 mural by Miskitoos Henning in St. Paul, MN.
Your gift this season ensures that will, and not resources, opens up access to the support to bring urgent racial justice work in public art to life. HELP FOERCAST REACH GOAL TO RAISE THE FIRST $25,000 BY YEAR-END
Here are some of the ways Forecast Public Art team will donate their guidance, coaching, and technical assistance, thanks to your generosity.
  • How to address racially unjust monuments

  • How to develop open, fair and equitable artist selection processes

  • Connecting with BIPOC communities about public art in genuine, culturally sensitive ways

  • Mapping cultural assets and public art to find geographies that have been underserved

  • How to support BIPOC artists in their public art careers

  • How to make decisions about upcoming public art projects through a racial justice lens

  • Reviewing public art collections, programs, and policies for equity gaps

Give today and help reach the goal
to raise $25,000 by year-end!


Image: Chroma Zone 2021 mural by Miskitoos Henning in St. Paul, MN.

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