Nonprofits Assistance Fund Financial Training May 21

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naflogoOn May 21, Nonprofits Assistance Fund (NAF) is coming to the SMAC region to offer special financial training for arts organizations!

Through funding from the MN State Arts Board, NAF is able to provide training on financial assessment and planning for arts organizations, including additional information about fundamental nonprofit financial topics. Thank yomsablogou to all the arts organizations who took  time to fill out a survey about their specific needs for this workshop, which is now able to be tailored to SMAC-region organizations.

The training will be held on May 21 from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm at the Marshall-Lyon County Library.  SMAC will provide mileage reimbursement and lunch to arts organization representatives from within the SMAC 18-county region.

Contact the SMAC office if you must take unpaid time off from work to attend the training.

Financial Assessment and Planning for Arts Organizations
As an arts organization, you know that financial assessment and planning is at its best when you have the most relevant information to aid your decision-making. It is important to know which tools will help you get a handle on your organization’s current financial situation and how to use that information to plan for the future. At this interactive training designed specifically for small arts organizations, Nonprofits Assistance Fund will teach you to:

  • Use trends to get a picture of your organization’s future
  • Develop annual and multi-year budgets with planning in mind
  • Recognize the components of business models in your organization and how they work together
  • Communicate your financial position in a way that accurately tells your organization’s story

This training will utilize reports from the Cultural Data Project (CDP) to demonstrate these financial concepts. If you are currently participating in CDP, you are strongly encouraged to bring your own organization’s reports from CDP, including trend reports, comparison reports, and the Financial Health Assessment .  If your organization is not currently participating in CDP, attend the “Getting Started with the Cultural Data Project” workshop at the SMAC office in Marshall on April 16, from 7:00 – 8:30 pm.

We hope to see you on May 21 for this training!



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