Granite Falls: Kelsey King and Tani Gordon art exhibit

mayGranite Falls: Kelsey King and Tani Gordon art exhibit

photograph of artists paintings done in the style of paint by number, all landscapes


Granite Area Arts Council 807 Prentice St, Granite Falls, Minnesota 56241

807 Prentice St, Granite Falls, Minnesota 56241


Month Long Event (may)(GMT-05:00)

Event Details

Exhibiting for the month of May in the Granite Falls Area Arts Council Gallery is Kelsey King and Tani Gordon.

Kelsey King is an illustrator, painter, educator and outdoor enthusiast located in St Paul, Minnesota. Her exhibit consists off a series of daily landscape paintings.
Kelsey’s passion lies in depicting the beauty of the natural world, focusing on landscapes, the changing seasons, and how we interact with wild spaces. Her goal in the work she creates is to spread awareness and foster appreciation for the natural spaces around us, from urban parks and trees to vast wilderness. In her spare time Kelsey enjoys running and hiking, visiting all the state parks in Minnesota, painting landscapes, and volunteering in her community. She helps organize and create designs for Art in the Hollow and is a Minnesota Master Naturalist.
Join us for the reception, refreshments served. 


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