Emerging Curators Fellowship

by Jessica Stolen
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The 2024 Applications for Emerging Curators Institute Fellowship are Open!

The Ejmerging Curators Institute welcomes those residing in Minnesota to apply to become their new cohort of Fellows!

For 2024, Up to 4 funded fellowships will be offered. Over the course of the learning cycle (April 2024 – January 2025), ECI Fellows will participate in monthly educational meetings with their cohort, reflect on their and others’ curatorial practice through research and witnessing contemporary art, explore museums, galleries and sites hosting art across the Twin Cities and choose a mentor who will support them in developing a curatorial project that may be presented in 2025.


  • A stipend of $3,000 for participation in the learning cycle, with further funding offered to realize an exhibition or curatorial project in 2025.
  • A 10 month long curatorial learning intensive with peers in the 2024 cohort (monthly gatherings).
  • An opportunity to develop a small scale pop-up cohort exhibition at close of the learning cycle.
  • Individualized Curatorial mentorship. 
  • Thoughtful feedback and ongoing support in  developing a curatorial project from the fellowship cohort, mentors, guest curators and ECI Director.
  • A warm welcome into the expansive network of ECI Fellows, partners and mentors; connecting and building relationships with artists, peers, arts workers, curators, spaces and communities regionally, nationally and globally.


The Emerging Curators Institute (ECI) fellowship is for:

  • Minnesota-based residents with limited experience in curation who would benefit from the guidance the program offers; with an emphasis on those who  identify as women, non binary, gender nonconforming, LGBTQIA2S+, Black, Native, Indigenous, a Person of Color, racialized, disabled and/or neurodiverse. 
  • Those who may not otherwise have access to the funding, resources, and education offered through the program. 
  • Those seeking a learning experience outside of academic institutions or have graduated from a degree program (those who are currently enrolled in a degree seeking program are not eligible)
  • Those who self-identify as curators including but not limited to: artists with curatorial interests; graduates of studio art, art history programs, and/or cultural studies programs; self-taught practitioners; and arts and community organizers. 
  • Those with visions of projects that may or may not become exhibitions. Emerging Curators Institute embraces visions that may manifest outside the box of the exhibition space, that may focus particularly/solely on public programming, education, community engagement or outdoor performance. 
  • Those who value risk taking, experimentation and are excited to explore their practice across artistic disciplines.

For further information on eligibility and questions surrounding the application materials or participation, please read this document. The submission form contains the full information. If you’re interested in knowing more about the fellowship experience, go to ECI’s website. And if you still have questions, you are welcome to contact Emerging Curators Institute at info@emergingcurators.org.

Access support is available for those within the disabled, neurodivergent and chronically ill communities wishing to apply. Please email access@emergingcurators.org.

OPENSFebruary 9, 2024 12:00 am

CLOSESMarch 8, 2024 11:59 pm



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