Edie Barrett of Ortonville named 2020 Honoree for 50 over 50


Congratulations to Edie Barrett in our region (Ortonville) for being selected as a Minnesota State 2020 Honoree for 50 people over 50! Here is what she had to say:

“Each year 50 people over 50 are selected in the state of Minnesota who are contributing to the vitality of our state, and redefining what it means to age. I am deeply honored to have been recommended by my Humphrey classmate, Mary Pat Ladner, and selected as a Minnesota State 2020 Honoree.
My award is under the category of Arts & Culture and I am defined as a ‘Mind Expander’.
Award with in the box it arrived in, with festive confetti paper

The truth is, I don’t think about my age, which is rather ironic since I am 60. As I contemplate this award, I believe it boils down to living an interesting life, on my terms. I could also define it as living a meaningful life. It’s important that I am authentic, genuine, and ethical. It is important that I practice kindness and generosity, and that I continue to explore and support issues of justice and social truth. Overall, it is important that I contribute to the goodness of the world. Here’s what’s true for me: I live my life in profound gratitude. I am grateful for the choices I have made and for the way that I live my life. It is my hope that I will continue to evolve and grow and embrace my journey with curiosity and wonder.

I want to acknowledge SMAC for their support of my creative endeavors, and their support of arts in West Central Minnesota.

For those who are curious what I’ve been up to, here is a link to my website: Edie Barrett website

Many thanks to 50 Over 50 Minnesota for this honor!”

Edie smiling and holding the award

Photo of newspaper article

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