Do you know someone who should be Minnesota’s Next Poet Laureate? Could it be you?


The process to name Minnesota’s next Poet Laureate is underway. The Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC), along with Minnesota’s Center for the Book, is launching the process to solicit nominations and make recommendations to the Governor for Minnesota’s next Poet Laureate. Deadline for submission of nominations is March 7, 2021. More details at

MHC is responsible for soliciting nominations for the Poet Laureate appointment and making recommendations to the Governor. After receiving recommendations from MHC, the Governor will appoint a state Poet Laureate and conduct appropriate ceremonies to honor the person appointed. The person appointed as Poet Laureate continues to serve in this position until the Governor appoints another person.

Additionally, MHC seeks a diverse group of individuals familiar with poetry and enthusiastic about the role of Minnesota’s Poet Laureate to participate in an independent Review PanelThe role of the Review Panel is to assess all nominations received and make recommendations for Minnesota’s next Poet Laureate. The process to assemble a Review Panel will start early next week.

Contact: Casey DeMarais  | Director of Strategic Partnerships

Minnesota Humanities Center | 987 Ivy Avenue East | Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106

PH 651-772-4278 | 866-268-7293, ext. 278 |

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