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by Jessica Stolen
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Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation (New Haven, CT)

The creation of this grant program was based on feedback from the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation’s field research.  In 2024, two separate grant programs – Peer Networks and Innovation – were combined to make a single program – Curatorial Advancement Grants.  These opportunities offer a degree of flexibility and open possibilities within the field of contemporary art curation within the United States.  As they receive feedback, they intend on iterating and evolving these programs over the coming years to ensure they align with the needs of curators.

Unified application – you select the focus of the request:

  • Peer Network Grant requests support peer network opportunities that advance curatorial knowledge and strengthen U.S. curatorial practices.  They encourage curators to think beyond conferences and consider connections that will best advance their practice.  These networks can be in-person or online, meet once or multiple times, require travel or be in the curator’s community.
  • Innovation Grants are designed to support a project, initiative or opportunity not previously explored in the local curatorial space, or an emerging trend that is under-resourced. Ideas are encouraged to disrupt ‘business as usual’ and aim to further discourse in contemporary art in the United States. Requests can be for specific projects or new ways of doing business. They can also be public facing or internal to an institution.

Grant terms will be up to one year with funding ranging from $500-$10,000 and no match is required.  The grant can be used to leverage other grant opportunities.  Projects, initiatives or opportunities anticipated to exceed $10,000 may want to consider as a phased request that allows an institution or partner to seek additional funds.  Additionally, non-profit organizations can budget up to 25% and universities can budget up to 10% of the grant request to be designated for staff time and overhead.

Requests should be able to report an outcome within one year of receiving the grant.  This outcome is set by the applicant and does not need to conclude the project, initiative or opportunity. Projects with an International scope must include a strategy for disseminating learnings within the U.S. (this could mean publishing an article, presenting at a conference, posting learnings on a website, recording a podcast, etc.)

The Foundation’s focus is contemporary art. While curatorial position titles may be broader, applicants must be U.S.-based curators and have contemporary art at the core of their proposals.

Exhibitions and exhibition research proposals are not eligible for Innovation Grants – see the Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award and Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Research Grants for our exhibition funding opportunities.


  • LOI Form Available: click here to go to our online grant portal
  • LOI Deadline: May 1, 2024 (11:45pm ET)
  • LOI Response: by May 24, 2024
  • Full Proposal Deadline for those invited from LOI Process: July 24, 2024 (by 11:45pm ET)
  • Award Notification: by September 20, 2024
  • All projects must start between October 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025


Innovation focused requests

  • Does the request support a project, initiative or opportunity not previously explored in the local curatorial space, support an emerging trend that is under-resourced, or offer a creative adaptation of a current practice? 
  • Does the request hold the potential for further use or adaptation or spur collaboration or field building?

Peer Network focused requests

  • Does the request advance field connections and relationship building?
  • Does the request promote the sharing of new ideas / field communications?

All requests

  • Does the request focus on the advancement of curatorial knowledge?
  • Does the request amount align with the proposal?

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