Changes to SW MN Arts Council grant programs for Fiscal Year 2025

Grant changes for fiscal year 2025

(July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025)

Grant deadline times

Applications will now be due by 4:00 pm on the deadline date (instead of 4:30 pm) to coincide with our office hours. 

Updated Art Study Opportunity for Youth grants

Art Study Opportunity for Youth grant criteria and applications have been simplified to focus more on student artists’ interest rather than skill. The grant program will also now be available monthly, with deadlines the first of the month, August 2024 through May 2025. The earliest project start date will be the first of the following month.

No cash match for Art Project and Equipment & Facilities

After waiving the required cash match for Art Project and Equipment & Facilities Improvement grants for four years, we have now officially removed the match requirement for those programs.

Increasing priority points for organizations

For the last several years applicants have been awarded one additional percentage point for each of the following priorities they meet: first time applicants, underserved or underrepresented communities, and geographic areas receiving less funding. While this has been effective for individuals and schools, organization applicants that receive priority points are still funded at a significantly lower rate than those that don’t. SMAC is increasing the number of percentage points awarded per organization applicant from one point per priority to three (max of nine additional points per application).

Reevaluating Operating Support program starting in FY 2026

In an effort to spread grant funding among more organizations in the region, SMAC will be discontinuing the Operating Support grant program beginning in FY26. (For FY25, existing operating support grantees will still receive their second year of funding from the current two-year cycle.) Over the next several years, SMAC will be reevaluating its organization grants with input from arts organizations in the region, but in the meantime funding from the operating support program will be moved to other grant areas where it will have broader impact. During that time, organizations will be allowed to include pro-rated operating expenses in their Art Project grant budgets.

Advanced Artist Fellowship becomes Established Artist

The program name for grants for established advanced artists (exhibiting creative excellence, a substantial body of work, and significant recognition of their artistic accomplishments) is changing from Advanced Artist Fellowship to Established Artist. 

Artist Deadline Changes

There has been a change in when we receive the funding for some of our artist grant programs, so we have had to move some deadlines later in our year:

  • The deadlines for Artist Growth are moving from August and January to October and April.
  • The deadline for Established Artist is moving from October to January.

See the SMAC FY25 Grant Program Calendar for all deadline details

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