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To all Public Arts Organizations, artists, sculptors and architects in the State of MN:

Northfield Public Library is pleased to announce the first publicly funded art opportunity in Northfield, MN, and are soliciting your participation. Northfield is a town of 20,000, home to St. Olaf and Carleton colleges, and is equal parts historic river town, Liberal Arts college town, and an active arts and culture community. General Northfield information can be found at  and,_Minnesota


For their first publicly funded art project, they are proposing an arts structure to be built within downtown Northfield for the purpose of a directional, information kiosk. They anticipate that planning for the structure to take place over the winter of 2018-2019, with construction to being in the spring of 2019.


Up to three finalists will be selected by the Public Art Review Committee to create a concept proposal and will receive $400 as a concept stipend. The final selected artist/architect will be paid a final stipend of $40,000.


Funding for this project is provided by the City of Northfield’s 1% for the Arts initiative.

Click here for more information.


Teresa Jensen, City Arts Liaison,
Northfield Public Library

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