Call for Dakota Submissions – Manuscripts


Wíyouŋkihipi Submission Guidelines

Call for Dakota Submissions – Manuscripts

Deadline: April 15, 2021

Payment: Up to $2,000

As a platform for Dakota/Lakota voices to publish and pass on teachings to future generations, Wíyouŋkihipi Productions is currently seeking Dakota/Lakota subject matter from Oceti Sakowin writers and artists. Both first-timers and established authors are welcomed to submit. If you are passionate about sharing your talents, stories and knowledge with the oyate, they want to hear from you. They are looking to publish the selected works Fall 2021.

Wíyouŋkihipi’s goal is to honor and educate through the lens of Dakota culture; “to inspire the next generations by showing we are capable! We can and will elevate our Dakota experiences through exceptional published works and educational resources that give back to the people so that we can all thrive.”

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