Call for Community Art: Squidfest 2023

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The 2023 SquidFest in Granite Falls is planning a Community Art Walk consisting of 15 contributions
from local students and residents. Anyone living in the Granite Falls area is welcome to submit!

The Squidfest committee believes that art can be just about anything, as long as some part of it is created by you. For
the Community Art Walk, the art needs to be non-perishable, portable, and able to be
displayed outside with reasonable protections – for example, a poem or story on paper could
be laminated for protection from the elements.

They are requesting submissions for the theme: The Art of Community. If you need a little help
with that theme, here are some questions to get you thinking:

-What does community mean? Why is it important?
-How are communities built or created?
-What makes a person feel like they are part of a community?
-How do communities – or individuals within communities – handle and work through
-How would you welcome a new neighbor into a community?
-How can we make communities stronger and more resilient?
-Communities aren’t just made up of people. What are some other models for community?

Submissions can be any medium – a drawing, painting, sculpture, block printing, poem or
essay, short story, fiber art, recipe, or just about anything else you can think of that meets the
basic criteria above. Multiple pieces can also be submitted together (for example, an item and
a story about the item). If you are submitting a more abstract work, feel free to include a short
narrative to help convey the meaning of your piece to the selection committee or audience –
but only if you want to. You are welcome to allow them to come up with the meaning for
themselves as well.

Fifteen pieces will be selected to exhibit at SquidFest as part of the Community Art Walk. The
SquidFest Planning Committee will review and select the pieces. Community members whose
pieces are selected will receive recognition at SquidFest and will have their work displayed at
the festival. Participants may choose to sell their work at the festival, or may pick it up at city
hall once the festival is over. They are looking forward to an exhibit that brings us all pride in our
community’s creativity, vision and talent!

Submissions are due by July 1, 2023 for consideration. Submissions can be mailed, delivered
or brought to:

Crystal Johnson/SquidFest Planning Committee
City Hall
641 Prentice Street
Granite Falls, MN 56241


Click here a pdf of this information

All text appears in body of post. Background image is of a squid.

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