Bird Island Cultural Centre Seeks Members


Your annual membership is a critical source of support for the Cultural Centre in Bird Island. They use your donation in developing Art Exhibitions, Art and literary workshops, Artful Youth Programs, storytelling, promote social clubs, music lessons and information sessions for artists and writers, special events, office support and building maintenance.

Your tax-deductible membership will help ensure that the Arts inspire the community as the community inspires the Arts.

What are the benefits of membership?

As a member, you will receive free admission to local events, a subscription to the quarterly newsletter, invitations to events and exhibitions, 10% off Art classes and workshops.

How do I join?

Print out this membership form and write a check to the Bird Island Cultural Centre in amount of $35.00 for Individual, $50.00 for Family annual membership, $250+ for corporate membership. Payments can also be made online at


If you would like to make a donation, please visit their website click on “donate now” and you can donate online.


Or visit the Network for good page to donate:


Your partnership means that the centre can continue to provide activities to the community and support the Artists in among us. Therefore, your support is very much appreciated.

Olga W Nichols, Administration.

Bird Island Cultural Centre
PO Box 434
640 Dogwood Ave
Bird Island, MN 55310

(320) 365-1011

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