Congratulations to Lyon County Resident on Star Tribune’s Picture of the Year!

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Chuck Freiss photo was chosen by the Star Tribune's "Behind the Lens" series photo of 2019

Congratulations to Lyon county’s Chuck Freiss, whose photo was chosen as the Star Tribune’s Behind the Lens 2019 picture of the year! Chuck has been a SMAC Individual Artist grantee as well as a SMAC panelist for Individual Artist grants. To learn more about these grants, visit:

More details: In early December the Star Tribune held Behind the Lens: 2019 Photos of the Year at the Minnesota History Center. The photos represent travel pictures from around the world.

Each week one picture is chosen and printed in the Travel section of the Sunday paper. At the end of the year one of the pictures is chosen as the picture of the year. This years 2019 winner was Chuck Freiss. The winning photo was of a coyote walking the banks of Madison River in Yellowstone National Park in the winter. Chuck Freiss just wrapped up an exhibit at the Marshall Area Fine Arts Council, titled “Winter’s Beauty”, where this photo was featured. To see the original article from the Behind the Lens series, visit:

From Chuck Freiss’ Exhibit, “Winter’s Beauty” at the Marshall Area Fine Arts Council Gallery. Chuck is pictured in the center.

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