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by Jessica Stolen
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Hyundai Artlab is looking for two art writers whose forward-thinking insights and intimate ties to their communities and geographic regions offer a critical lens through which to view art as a bellwether for change.

Within the realm of art, writers act as the vital, informed witness, hyper-attuned to shifts both seismic and small, diligently assessing how the local ripples out into the universal and vice versa. As our world continues to become more interconnected, vast, and contradictory, a keen eye and voice is all the more valuable in understanding the complexities of contemporary life.

Since its inception in 2022, Artlab Editorial, under the auspices of Hyundai Artlab, has witnessed first hand how providing a platform for critical art writing is essential to a thriving global art ecosystem. As part of Hyundai Artlab’s goal to spark meaningful dialogue, cultivate empathy, and facilitate collaborations that connect across boundaries, they’re thrilled to announce the second year of the Artlab Editorial Fellowship. The application is open now through March 31, 2024, 11:59pm EST. Apply here.

Eligibility requirements and FAQs can be found here.

Hyundai Artlab is looking for two art writers whose forward-thinking insights and intimate ties to their communities and geographic regions offer a critical lens through which to view art as a bellwether for change.

This fellowship is open to art writers from anywhere in the world, and at any stage of their career. The two selected fellows will be provided $10,000 each to produce three pieces of writing for Artlab Editorial in 2024. Additionally, each Fellow will be paired with one of this year’s Fellowship advisors for regular one-on-one guidance and mentorship throughout the program. 

Inspired by Artlab’s spirit of connectivity, artist Cynthia Alfonso created Vimbio, a digital commission created specifically for the Artlab Editorial Fellowship. Named after a type of willow tree found in Alfonso’s native Galicia, Spain, the work draws parallels between the use of vimbio as a traditional weaving material with the Fellowship’s mission to bring together and strengthen artistic communities around the world. 


The Fellowship is designed to produce a vibrant body of new art writing and connect writers, readers, and artists around the world. With guidance from Artlab’s editors and advisors, fellows will write three pieces of web-based editorial content for publication on Artlab Editorial.

Fellows will be committing to writing one 700-word article in English every other month, for publication on Artlab Editorial from July through December of 2024. They will be expected to develop each article over the course of eight weeks, meeting with their advisor for in-depth development sessions, and working closely with Artlab Editorial’s editor via monthly touch-bases.


To enrich the experience of the Fellows and strengthen Artlab’s community of writers, Fellows will be paired with one of this year’s Fellowship advisors, Charlotte Kent and Andrew Russeth, to receive regular mentorship and guidance on the production of their articles during the course of the program. They will also work closely with Artlab Editorial’s editor, Shannon Lee, via monthly check-ins for additional guidance and to ensure timely publication.

  • Charlotte Kent, PhD (she/her) is Associate Professor of Visual Culture and Head of Visual and Critical Studies at Montclair State University. She is co-editor with Katherine Guinness of Contemporary Absurdities, Existential Crises, and Visual Art (2024, Intellect Books) and an Editor at Large for The Brooklyn Rail with a monthly column on Art & Technology, contributing to many popular magazines and academic journals about the intersection of contemporary art and digital culture. In 2022, Kent wrote “Embodied Broadcast,”“Embodied Broadcast,” a review of Nancy Baker Cahill’s “Slipstream Times Square” for Artlab Editorial. A recipient of Google’s Artist and Machine Intelligence grant, the inaugural Scholar-in-Residence at NXT Museum, and former member of the Board of Governors for the National Arts Club, where she founded the Artist Fellowship, she is committed to service across the field.
  • Andrew Russeth (he/him) is an art critic and editor at Artnet News who has contributed to a variety of international publications, including Artforum, the Financial Times, Bijutsu TechoBlau, and ArtReview. Until recently, he was based in South Korea, where he wrote about artists MOON & JEON as well as BTS leader RM’s support of contemporary art and artists for the New York Times. Ahead of the inaugural edition of Frieze Seoul, Russeth penned “The Artlab Guide To Seoul”“The Artlab Guide To Seoul” for Artlab Editorial’s readers. In 2019, he was awarded the Rabkin Prize for visual arts journalism.
  • Shannon Lee (she/they) is a writer and editor covering art, culture, the environment, and Asian diaspora. They are the current editor of Artlab Editorial in addition to The Amp at Asian American Arts Alliance. Previously, she was an Associate Editor at Artsy and Editor and a Senior Producer at Silica Mag. For their first piece for us, Lee reflected upon Choe U-Ram’s “Little Ark”Choe U-Ram’s “Little Ark” at MMCA Seoul, questioning how we define progress—both cultural and personal.


In the first year of the Artlab Editorial Fellowship, inaugural Fellows Skye Arundhati Thomas and Laurie Rojas zeroed in on how their local artistic communities are addressing issues specific to their respective geographic regions. Through their thoughtful, expert observations, we were able to see how these issues resonate beyond their points of origin and into the greater global community.

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