SMAC Grant Panelists Needed

The SMAC Board of Directors continually seeks panels of artists, arts administrators, arts volunteers, and arts appreciators representing multiple artistic disciplines from throughout the SMAC geographic region and from all our communities including BIPOC, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA2S+ individuals.

You may apply to serve on one or more of the following grant program panels:

Advanced Artist Fellowship

Artist Equity (Individual Artist grants for Black, Indigenous and People of Color)

Artist Growth

Art Projects Grants

Art Legacy Projects

Operating Support

Equipment & Facilities Improvement 

Arts in the Schools

Art Study Opportunity for Youth

Quick Support Grants for Artists and Organizations (these grants are scored online only, with no discussion meeting)


  1. Read about Grant Panel Responsibilities below, or download here: Grant Panel Responsibilities.
  2. Read and sign our Conflict of Interest policy.
  3. Download and fill out a copy of the Panelist Application (PDF or Word doc) or fill out the online form at the bottom of the page.
  4. Submit your completed application, resume, and signed Conflict of Interest document by using the submit button below, emailing them to,  or mailing them to SW MN Arts Council, PO Box 55, Marshall, MN 56258.


About the Panel position:

  • Appointments are by SMAC Board decision.  The board seeks to find panelists from throughout the SMAC geographic region representing a balance of members with backgrounds in each of the artistic disciplines and representing artists, arts organizations, schools and the community at large.
  • Once you have served as a panelist, you will likely be invited back to serve again in the future.


  • Mileage is reimbursed at the year’s standard mileage rate per mile (when meetings are held in person).
  • Individuals serving on a grant review panel will receive a stipend of $75 in addition to their mileage reimbursement.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and beverages are provided by SMAC when appropriate  (when meetings are held in person).

About Panel meetings:

  • Panels may be held virtually or in-person.
  • Meeting length is dependent on number of applications. Agenda will contain time recommendations.
  • Attendance is crucial (a quorum of five panel members is required).
  • Panelists must notify staff well in advance if unable to attend.

About Panel responsibilities:

  • Position is an active, working one.
  • Responsible for understanding program goals and objectives.
  • Panelists log-in to SMAC’s online grant system to read grant applications and do preliminary scoring based on the criteria for the particular grant program. Then they meet to discuss the applications, finalize their scores, and make a funding recommendation to the SMAC Board of Directors.
  • Panelists must declare any conflict of interest at the beginning of each meeting. If a conflict of interest exists, the panelist must abstain from discussion and voting on that application.
  • An individual cannot serve on the Individual Artist Grant Panel or Artist Equity Grant Panel if they are applying for a grant within that same that round.
  • Panel only has recommendation powers. The SMAC Board of Directors makes final decisions.
  • Panelists must agree not to discuss the recommendations of the panel to the board prior to the board action on those recommendations.


Grant Panel Responsibilities
All panelists are required to read the Grant Panel Responsibilities above.
Printable version: Grant Panel Responsibilities

Conflict of Interest Policy

All panelists are required to read and sign the SMAC Conflict of Interest Policy.

Conflict of interests include:

  • *Any kind of financial relationship – sharing an employer, a recent or expected paid consulting situation between you and the applicant, any grant activities that would benefit you financially.
  • *Any kind of family relationship – SMAC defines family as “a spouse, domestic partner, parent, child or spouse of a child, brother, sister, or spouse of a brother or sister”.
  • *A perceived conflict of interest – the applicant is either a friend or someone you don’t get along with, or there is some other situation where people might think that you wouldn’t be able to vote fairly.

Grant Review Panelist Application
Download and fill out a copy of the Panelist Application (PDF or Word doc) or fill out the online form below.


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