A message from givemn: It’s a time for abundance, not scarcity


MARCH 17, 2020

A message from givemn:

It’s time for abundance, not scarcity 

Dear friends,
We are sharing a historic moment together, and although we are asked to be socially distant, our experience is now more connected than ever before. When we look back at this time, how will we want to have shown up for one another? Do we want to be defined by holding onto resources, or sharing them generously with our neighbors in need?
Like each of us, nonprofits are sharing in the uncertainty of these times. Across Minnesota and the world, organizations are grappling with how to continue to meet their missions—as important now as ever—with fewer volunteers, quarantined staff, and donations decreasing as spring fundraisers need to be cancelled.
Though all nonprofits are facing significant challenges, some are already being affected more than others. With schools closed, social service organizations are trying to fill gaps to ensure children are fed. Nonprofit clinics are preparing for the worst while still trying to meet other basic health needs for their patients. Cash flow shortages will mean small- to medium-sized nonprofits will struggle to fund their missions and support their staff. And existing systemic inequalities are always amplified during tough times, and we know organizations serving Black, Indigenous and people of color will be especially affected by what is to come.
We are also aware many of you receiving this email are already having a wide variety of experiences through this crisis. This crisis feels urgent for all of us, and some of us will need extra support to get through it. For many, working remotely and social distancing will feel like a new normal. Others are facing much more uncertain times. We are thinking about all of you.
GiveMN believes in the power of abundance over scarcity. We know we are at our strongest when we share our resources with our neighbors.
Here are two immediate ways you can show generosity right now without leaving your home:

1) Show nonprofits your support.

Giving online is something that can make your day—and is perfect for social distancing! Support your favorite causes, and explore new ones, at GiveMN.org. If you were going to attend an upcoming fundraiser or had to cancel a volunteer shift, we encourage you to make a gift (or two!) in lieu of that event.

2) Try being an amateur fundraiser.

Take your giving a step farther and create fundraiser pages for your favorite causes. Simply select an organization to support, fill in a page, send to your friends and family and ask for a gift, and we’ll take care of transacting the donations. Let’s fill up timelines and email inboxes with stories of the helpers we’re seeing during this crisis!
Generosity is also shown in ways other than giving to nonprofits and schools, and we support that, too. Take time to check in on your family, friends, and neighbors, and directly support those in your community who are in need.
We’ll continue to send out information to you as we become aware of specific opportunities to support Minnesotans through this time, as well as other fundraising resources for nonprofits and schools through our COVID-19 information and resources page.
Until then, I send my best wishes to you and yours, and thank you in advance for your generous support of our community.
Elbow-bumps all around,
Jake Blumberg
Executive Director, GiveMN

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