Clean Energy Research Team: Seed Grants

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Applications are due October 20, 2017

Clean Energy Research Team (CERT) Seed Grants available for Arts Organizations

Arts organizations with a building in need of energy efficiency or an upgrade (eligible for the labor for lighting, heating and air conditioning equipment or insulation/air sealing improvements) could apply for a grant.  They could think about something extra like a related arts story or narrative to describe the project and bring it more into the public sphere.

“Seed Grants” typically are in the $2,000-$5,000 range and help fund energy efficiency and/or renewable projects across the state.

CERT seed grant funds could pay for the labor associated with a lighting retrofit to more efficient lighting. Lighting upgrades can decrease energy bills and provide better light quality. Libraries could access utility rebates to help buy down the cost. As a community hub, information resources about the lighting change-out could also help educate residents about energy efficient lighting.

If you have already tackled energy efficiency, CERT seed grant funds could also be used to pay for the labor to install a solar system in front of your building.

Learn more about CERT seed grants here: Applications are due October 20th.

Contact: Kristi Fernholz, Senior Planner & CERT West Central Coordinator

320.289.1981 x 106

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